Next Steps

Next Steps Slide.jpg

Every journey is simply a series of steps.

Not all our steps will be certain or even intentional. But we can always trust that God knows what He’s doing… and that He’s mighty, gracious, and READY to use our lives to accomplish what He has planned from the very beginning.

Whether you realize it or not, God has already prepared an amazing, significant journey for you to walk alongside Him all the days of your life… and to impact the world in a way only you could do.

If you think God might be leading you get more involved at 3D Church — or even if you’re curious about where He has called you in life beyond 3D Church — we invite you to participate in our Next Steps program.

Next Steps is a one-day, Saturday program that repeats every month. We will:

  • Walk you through what 3D Church is about (our pastoring couple will also share their personal story),
  • Give you a practical assessment to consider how God uniquely designed you, and
  • Help you discover specific ways you might live out your calling — not only within the church body, but in family, school/work, and beyond.

We invite anyone and everyone to attend Next Steps, regardless of whether they have made any kind of commitment to being a part of 3D Church. Because our purpose will always be to help every person we can find their place in God’s plan.

For more information, text “Nextsteps” to 720.414.5801