New Here?

The fulfilled life is not a common one.

You could say the abundant life is like this pure, refreshing river.
Most of us spend our lives wandering near its shores, thirsty, but hesitant.
We wonder whether we can really trust the water — or even if we’re worthy to enjoy it.
We may even fear we’ve wandered too far to ever find it.

Maybe you’re unsure of what God wants for your career,
your schooling, your relationships, your life as a whole.

The pieces don’t quite seem to fit. Sometimes you wish He would just pop out and show
you what you were MADE to do… and get you there!

Wherever you are in your journey, and no matter where you’ve been,
we’re confident your Maker longs to meet you RIGHT HERE
and draw you into something glorious —
something He’s planned from the very beginning.

3D Church exists to help as many people as we can
find their unique place in God’s plan.

Because Jesus takes your dreams seriously.

Indeed, the shores of that river have already come right to YOU.
Will you step in?