Leadership Institute

What is it?

It’s a 9-month program that is designed to help you develop yourself & your full leadership potential. To become a high-impact leader who can go the distance, there are two primary areas we need to develop; two tracks … character AND competence/skill.

Psalm 78:72 David shepherded them with integrity of heart (Character), & with skillful hands (Competence).

Why a leadership development program?

As you may have heard, everything rises & falls on leadership. The better the leader, the better the environment in which they lead; whether that’s at home, in school, at the office, in the church or in the community!

Why would a church offer something on leadership?

Why not?! After all, what we’re really talking about is human capital development. Why a new church? We’ve been asking the question: how do we best serve a community that is resource rich? After all, we don’t have a permanent facility to offer a school or childcare services. Any kind of a ‘give-a-way’ only adds to the collection for kids who have nearly everything material a kid could want.

When is it?

On the second Thursday of every month from September through May we will meet from 9:00 to noon. This will be followed up with a one-hour online session every month.

Where will this be held?

At the 3D Offices 16965 Pine Lane, Parker, CO 80134

Who is this for?

You! Whether you’re an existing leader or an emerging leader, this is for you!

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